Do you know, you can play all the Roulette version son your Android casino ( ). Also called the King of Casino, Roulette is immensely popular among punters. Please continue reading this Roulette gambling guide.

How to play Roulette?

You play this game on a Roulette wheel which is divided into several numbered sections. These numbers range from 0-36 in French Roulette. The game begins by revolving the Roulette wheel and dropping a ball upon it.

  • Please gamble responsibly.

As soon as this wheel starts moving, the virtual croupier drops a ball upon it. Players now lay bets on the number on which the ball might come to rest. You can lay two kinds of bets.

Kinds of Bets

When you lay bets on individual numbers, those bets are Inside bets. These have very low odds of coming true. However, Inside Bets have very high payouts. You can win as much as 16:1 on Inside Bets.

On the other hand, Outside Bets have lower payouts but high odds. These bets are called so because you lay bets on numbers placed on the outer margins of the Roulette table. Please continue reading.

Roulette gambling strategies

You can follow the Fibonacci series while betting on your game. This series is; 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, and so on. However, you can't use this strategy in every Roulette room because of the table limits.

  • Don't overspend while betting.

There is another betting strategy. You halve your bets in case of a loss but double them when you win. Conversely, you can double bets in case of losses hoping for a win eventually.

Are Android casinos fair?

Your online Roulette game is as fair as your neighbourhood bank. You should know that your Roulette game is run by Random Number Generators. These are actually complex computers whose main job is to generate random numbers.

Nobody can manipulate these virtual machines because they are monitored by third party auditors. Most casinos rely on the services of auditors, such as eCogra. This non-profit is known for its fairness, professionalism, and integrity.

  • There are 3 kinds of Roulette- French, American and European.

Importance of Bonuses

You may be a top player, but you would need bonuses to win money. Most Android casinos offer welcome bonuses to their new players. Claim yours by signing up and making a deposit with your casino.

As you progress as a player, you will receive even more bonuses, rewards and promotions from your casino. These are High Roller Bonus, Loyalty Bonus, and Reload Bonus. With these rewards, you can win a lot of money.