Pai Gow, which simply means "card nine" is a card (53 deck) game, from China which is being played as poker. This game can be played on site in casinos or any entertainment location where they offer it. It can also be played online. You can check for more details on Pai Gow. About the origin of Pai Gow game The first Chinese Pai Gow (which is as yet played in the nation today) comprised of dominoes with expound images addressing different scenes.

Do you know, you can play all the Roulette version son your Android casino ( ). Also called the King of Casino, Roulette is immensely popular among punters. Please continue reading this Roulette gambling guide. How to play Roulette? You play this game on a Roulette wheel which is divided into several numbered sections. These numbers range from 0-36 in French Roulette. The game begins by revolving the Roulette wheel and dropping a ball upon it.